Julia Ziganshina, the singer

Julia Ziganshina issinger, the performer ofold and contemporary Russian romances and kind ofretro songs. She was born inKazan. Violoncellist byeducation she perfected herself asaguitar player and avocalist for several years. She met her first big success spring 1998 having become Romansiada 98 (All Russia Young Russian Romance Performers Competition) laureate.

Since that time Julia Ziganshina often performs inavariety ofRussia concert halls, including State concert hall Russia, Kolonni zal Doma Sojusov, Chaikovsky P.I. concert hall, Music house etc.
Ability todeliver great and rich variety offeelings appealing tothe listener isthe young singersmain advantage. Juliassinging isfull ofdeep and strong passion, endless tenderness, bright temperament and intelligence (Trud newspaper February 5, 2000).
Julia frequently successfully performed inGermany, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Polland and USA. There isAJulia Ziganshina club Kasanski Romance inKazan where romance singers from Kazan, Moscow and other cities perform. Sibirsky trakt studio issued twelve albums ofromances and songs performed byJulia Ziganshina. Three album was issued inPoland.

Juliasrepertoire contain several different programs ofromances from classic todomestic, aprogram ofretro songs, European songs ofXVIXVIII centuries and modern bard songs.
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